The School Marathon Returns!



The School Marathon Returns!

The ShibuMaku Marathon made a long awaited return on Thursday 12th February, with mild temperatures and blue skies ready to greet the runners. The damage caused by the earthquake in 2011 had made the course unfit for a marathon for so many participants, and sildenafil citrate 50 mg so students had been forced to bide their time until the course had been fixed. This year, a total of 1900 students lined up at the start, with many keen to prove that

the lay-off hadn’t hampered their speed. Watching

the top runners from out of the course is awe-inspiring

when you experience how fast acheter cialis payer avec paypal they are actually running. As such it was no surprise to see some very fast times recorded. However, perhaps more impressive than this, was witnessing the enthusiasm with which all of the runners completed the grueling 5 km course. Considering the number of younger grades filling the top places, next year’s race is going to be a good one!

Winning times

HS Boys – 16.46

HS Girls – 20.14

JHS Boys – 18.13

JHS Girls – viagra sans ordonnance 20.37