Harmony in Junior High

February 18th marked the 29th annual Junior High chorus competition at Shibumaku. Students from all three grades put their impressive musical abilities on display at the all-day event. Each grade sang an assigned song for their year and a song of their choosing. In the weeks leading up to the event, morning, lunch and afterschool... Read more


The School Marathon Returns!

    The School Marathon Returns! The ShibuMaku Marathon made a long awaited return on Thursday 12th February, with mild temperatures and blue skies ready to greet the runners. The damage caused by the earthquake in 2011 had made the course unfit for a marathon for so many participants, and so students had been forced... Read more


News: The 90th Anniversary Celebration

On November 11th this year, there was a celebration of the 90th anniversary of Shibuya Junior and Senior High School. The school has made remarkable progress since the founding of Chuo Girls School in 1924 and has seen many significant developments to become the prestigious school it is today. The event was a great success.... Read more


SGH Report: “Global Food Supply and Japanese Agriculture” — Lecture by Dr. Kabuta

First year senior high students learned the seriousness of global food shortage and viagra pas cher the factors that impact commodity prices. Dr. Kabuta analyzed Japan’s competitiveness in the world food market, and proposed strategies to strengthen its agriculture.   Read more


News: Bobby Valentine Visits Shibumaku

Bobby Valentine, former manager of the Chiba acheter viagra Lotte Marine baseball team, made a welcome return to Makuhari in November ― this time in his new role as Athletic Director at Sacred Heart University, Connecticut. Over 300 students packed Lecture Theatre 1 in order to learn more about the opportunities on offer at one... Read more